Blend has perfected its process of strategically designed and implemented websites — both simple and complex — over the past 15 years.

About Our Process

Blend Interactive believes in a discovery-focused, fully planned web build process. We believe the most successful and efficient projects are built upon a foundation of user needs and clear development objectives.

We are comfortable taking your entire project, from discovery and scoping to site launch and ongoing support. Or, we’ve found great success in working with existing teams and partners to provide strategic, design, or implementation-focused work.


  • Interviews and User Research
  • Content Inventory and Audit
  • Strategic Content Planning
  • User- and Editor-Centered Information Architecture
  • Editorial Guidance and Styling
  • Content and Governance Roadmapping
  • SEO Audits and Recommendations
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  • User- and Editor-Centered Information Architecture
  • Content Modeling
  • Wireframes and User Testing
  • Accessible Design and Audits
  • Mobile-Friendly Design
  • Clean Front-End Development
  • Accessibility and Web Writing Workshops
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  • Custom .NET Implementation
  • Development Hosting and Security
  • Custom Integrations, including Episerver Commerce
  • Site Search Taxonomy and Solutions
  • Episerver Coaching and Co-Development
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Content Personalization
  • CMS Consultation and Selection
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Strategy is key.

We develop a plan and identity based on your organization’s audiences. Then, we build for their needs (and your goals).


Design for the user.

We design for the future. Responsive, of course. Clear and usable, yes. What’s best for your audiences: always.


Develop with passion.

We specialize in complex content challenges in both LAMP and .NET. We love content management so much, we wrote the book on it.


Fitting in with your team.

Sometimes, you just need someone to help provide some outside context. From training on accessibility to coaching your team into Episerver experts, we've been around the block enough to help you with nearly anything in a web project.


From launch and beyond.

We don't drop and run. We continue to integrate with your existing development team — or continue to serve as your development team — after your site launched.

“Some firms don’t play well with others, which can cause havoc for their unlucky clients who have to seamlessly mesh a diverse array of platforms, systems and providers. Blend has the ability to come into complex enterprise environments and make a difference without a lot of havoc.”

C. David Gammel,
Author of Online and On Mission
High Context Consulting

Certifiably Great

Over the years, we’ve learned that the best way to handle complex content from channel to channel is to build for success. Our sites are implemented with accessibility, search engine optimization, and advanced digital marketing in mind, so you can be assured your marketing team's going to have a much easier go once you've settled into the site.

And, we understand the landscape. We're trained in Episerver's various products, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, and even certified in project management. It's not just lip service: we make sure we know all there is to know about the sites we're handing over ... and, if we don't know, we know just the people to ask.

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