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At Blend, we’re not just developers: we’re experimenters, creating custom experiences for your site’s audiences. Sometimes, that means we need to do something unique.

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Bob Davidson

This is a minimalist SQL migration system and access pattern. It provides rudimentary database migration capabilities, and a relatively simple pattern for executing queries and transactions against a database. Blend.Datastore does not feature any DSL for migrations/queries/etc, but rather executes SQL that you provide.

Blend HTML Lexer

Bob Davidson

Blend.Html.Lexer is .NET Netstandard library for lexing HTML. This library is intended for when you need to manipulate HTML, without needing a full and valid DOM. It's meant to be reasonably performant, and maintain as much of the original (possibly invalid) syntax as possible.


Bob Davidson

A simple, non-durable queue for when you need something like a message queue, but with minimal setup, for small low-volume messages or actions where persistence is not a requirement.


Bob Davidson

Blend.XmlLexer is a small utility for quickly parsing large XML files. It works by wrapping XmlTextReader with a builder-like interface to create (relatively) simple parsing pipelines for forward-only XML parsing.