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Bob Davidson

Director of Development

From childhood, it seemed as though Bob was destined to work in tech. His grandparents owned a Dragon 64. His first computer experience was editing the verbiage in Gold Digger to say something, shall we say, a bit more chiding than the programmers originally intended.

Bob has been with Blend since 2012, and as director of development he is responsible for leading front- and back-end development for all Blend projects, as well as developing improvements to better streamline and standardize Blend’s development process. In other words, he solves problems all day. Bob is also an Optimizely-certified developer.

Bob’s main hobbies have shifted toward more physical tinkering: DIY auto mechanics, cooking, photography. There’s even an induction cooktop in the Blend kitchen with his name on it.

  • Optimizely OMVP
  • Certified Optimizely Developer
  • Umbraco Certified Professional Developer

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Here's somewhere else you might find Bob beyond Blend.

Coding with Bob

Coding with Bob is a YouTube series by Blend's Bob Davidson: a little .NET coding, a little Optimizely development work, and a few things related to both.