Support and Partnership

From strategic design to thoughtfully planned .NET development, Blend’s here to serve as both a partner and a colleague in the continued support of your website.

Your site doesn’t just go live — it lives on.

While it’s always exciting to launch a new site, it’s also important to remember what happens after launch: the site continues to live, and that requires attention, budget, and support.

So the question comes down to this: if you’re site’s going live, are you prepared to keep it maintained? And who do you trust to take that on?

We’re here for you, regardless of who built it.

We support sites we’ve built. We support sites you’ve built. We support sites that other firms have built. If it’s a site built in a .NET CMS — especially an Optimizely (formerly Episerver) or Umbraco site — we are here to support your site.

And support doesn’t just mean fixing a few bugs here and there. Support is focused on becoming partners in the ongoing improvement and optimization of your content management system. That means:

  • Annual and quarterly support planning to help identify future goals
  • Optimization of your existing tools and enhancement of new features
  • Coaching and co-development to bring your internal team up to speed
  • Access to Blend’s strategic design team, providing research-driven and user-focused improvements

Dedicated to continuity.

There are few things more difficult than transferring knowledge, which is why Blend makes every attempt to honor continuity within our support contracts — whether that’s keeping a consistent lead developer for code reviews or keeping communication and documentation solid and steady.

No one can predict the future, but can at least stay prepared for any changes that may come.