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Coaching and Co-Development

Setting internal development teams up for success through customized CMS coaching and co-development.

Helping boost your existing team.

It’s a common situation — your site is moving toward a new content management system, and your development team needs to be brought up to speed.

You’re looking for someone who can help build your new implementation, get your team up to speed on platform best practices, and then gracefully take a step back and support as needed.

At Blend, we call this coaching and co-development. And, we uniquely understand this landscape, because it's one of the things we do best.

What is coaching and co-development?

What does a standard coaching engagement look like? It all depends on what you need.

To begin, you’ll work with Blend’s strategy and development teams to understand where we can best fit. We will define the goals of coaching, which could include:

  • Bringing an existing .NET development team up to speed
  • Helping familiarize a new .NET development team with the site and system
  • Staying up to date on monthly CMS releases and providing guidance on applicability
  • Implementation of complex functionality while coaching on the base installation

With this strategic coaching roadmap in place, we work toward a common coaching plan. Feature development, co-development, code review, and periodic benchmarks help ensure we're working toward your goals of independence.

In other words, we can reach in two directions. We can take on the heavy lifting and help set you up for support, or we can provide on-the-spot guidance as needed — or, anywhere in between.

Let’s get started!

Every project is different. Every team is different. Our intent is to understand what goals you’re trying to reach so we can determine how we can best use our experience to get you there.

So, let's talk! Whether you're looking to supercharge your team for a new implementation, or if you're simply looking for a way to supplement your existing site needs, we're ready to pass on all that we've learned.

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