Staying Consistent Throughout Front-End

Helping bring consistency to Mercury Systems' front-end design — and to their front-end development practice.


  • Mercury Systems

It should come as no surprise that ongoing content needs don’t stop just because someone one went on vacation, and they certainly don’t stop when there’s a change in the development department. Thus was the case with Mercury Systems, an organization that, like many, found themselves with an adjustment to their staffing model — and a need for some extra help.

In this case, Mercury was in need of front-end support — someone who could take visual design and translate into working user interface functionality on the site. Thankfully, Blend is not only well-versed in front-end — clean code, accessible, consistent — we were also well-versed in Mercury Systems.

Because of our long-term relationship with Mercury, we were able to jump in and provide overflow front-end work whenever needed, all with a level of confidence they might not have found with a freelancer or independent contractor. What’s more, we worked to onboard their new front-end developers within the existing Episerver install, ensuring that they were up to speed not just with the design, but with the system built to support that design.

In essence, Blend was able to provide a level of consistency as Mercury’s resources grew and adjusted, which helped ensure a constant environment, free of issues. In return, we got to fulfill our goal of being a trusted advocate for Mercury’s ongoing communication needs.

Project Results:

  • A consistent presence throughout all design changes, helping ensure the code worked as well as the design
  • Clean, accessible, and well-structured front-end design
  • A clear translation of designs and wireframes into Episerver functionality

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