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Web Operations

Web operations encompass the day-to-day work of a website, from writing to editorial oversight to digital governance. Blend can help you develop a plan.


Helping to prepare for launch … and beyond.

We all look forward to launch date, but planning and maintaining a new or improved website begins long before launch date — it begins as soon as the idea of a website is first mentioned.

It’s all called web operations, and it provides the ongoing day-to-day structure of your editorial process.

Ready to migrate content? Need to create new content? Want to know who’s going to own each part of the site? Worried you won’t have time for optimization or personalization? These aren’t web issues — they’re people issues.

We can help.

Web operations in a nutshell.

Web operations is focused on identifying and assigning ownership to the entire process of creating and maintaining both web content and the tools used to publish that web content. It’s an operations plan for your website, and it focuses on things like:

  • Who owns, maintains, and sets the budget for the website?
  • Who sets goals and measures results?
  • Who creates content — and who ensures it follows brand guidelines, legal requirements, and fact-checking?
  • Who plans and approves new site functionality or design?
  • How many people touch a piece of content before it goes live?
  • How is archiving and auditing handled?
  • Who is responsible for the overall digital governance plan, and how does web content fit in?

A website needs a lot of care — and it needs people who can make that care a part of their day. Our consultation on the topic can identify areas of concern and help make decisions around staffing, permissions, and timeline.

Your next step: get your operations in order.

Before you get too far down the path, make sure you’ve got your web operations in order — and make sure your team isn’t taking on more than it can handle.

Download our Web Operations Checklist to get a better idea of where to start. Or, reach out to us — we’re ready to help make sure your operations and governance are ready for new challenges.

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