Understanding the Ecosystem: Documentation of People and Apps

An onsite exercise in alignment, our governance and taxonomy workshop helped present a big picture look at internal communication.

Transitioning a small organization into a system of employee communication and management is difficult, so you can imagine how much harder it is when you’re a nationally recognized financial services company.

We were brought in to help provide external guidance to the internal communications department at one of the nation’s largest mortgage providers. As a part of this project, we helped illustrate the content landscape and provide recommendations for future staffing and intranet governance, including content workflow updates, an updated taxonomy of categories for their internal communication strategy, and cross-department research into the overall role of internal communications at the organization.

What this led to was a full governance recommendation analysis, overview of their potential internet CMS and the taxonomy necessary to make it work, and even a content ecosystem document that helped them better understand the full and complex set of properties they were working with.

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