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Web Design Strategy for a Unique University

Embracing the uniqueness of a university through a deep dive into their people, both prospective and current.


  • South Dakota School of Mines

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South Dakota School of Mines is a university built on a unique set of majors and programs — they are literally on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s technology, balancing the technical know-how of engineering with the science of minerals and geology. This gives them a bit of a different angle when it comes to promoting their university in the state: they are both specialized and timely, nationally recognized in several key programs.

Blend helped SD Mines develop a full design strategy around promoting research at the university, allowing students to understand that while their tastes and interests in science education might not be common, they were welcome at the school. Strategic content focused around creating an inclusive place for a group of students who might otherwise balk at the traditional university experience. 

Ultimately, our discovery research and discussion led to recommendations on potential new site functionality, governance model, archetype focus, and a new site map.

Project results.

  • Better understanding of what users look for when they're researching higher education in a specialized field.
  • A collaborative look at site navigation and common terms.
  • A full content architecture and wireframes for a future site, vetted both by staff and potential site users.

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