A Front to Back Strategy for the University

A full-stack project from discovery to development and support, handled step-by-step in partnership with our trusted client.

We worked with the University of Sioux Falls to develop a full-stack discovery-through-development website that went beyond an upgrade and a refresh: instead, we knew from the beginning that everything would change, from the content management system to the way the program model would be handled.

Initial discovery sessions identified key audiences, required content implementations, and the basic structure of a content model, while user experience work between Blend and USF helped shape the structure and look of the site, piece by piece. This meant helping develop a more modern design, but it also meant working with a mixture of eZ Systems integrations and existing API calls in order to combine university databases and existing sources with the new content model.

This means we were able to keep the same course listings while structuring the departments to fit the new site, allowing the site to still feel (and broadcast content) as similarly as it did before, but in a much smarter and more elegant way.

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