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Driving user goals through sharp design and thoughtful pathways: experience design with decades of experience.

Your site is built on design.

There’s one thing at the heart of every process, every product, and every website: design.
At Blend, design leads the customer experience process. We design so the people who visit your site can reach their goals — and yours.

We believe design is more than just colors and graphics. Design is how we communicate meaning through shape and form. Design is function. Design is empathy.

Design is identity. Design is wayfinding. Design is storytelling.

Our design services.

When we talk about design at Blend, we talk about the process of creating function and meaning, and the tasks we take to get there, including:

  • User experience research and flows
  • Archetype-driven experience design
  • Graphic design and branding
  • Prototyping and wireframe testing
  • Front-end development

Our award-winning design team helps move you from ideation to fully implemented design. The germ of an idea is turned into the front page of your entire organization’s experience, in a way that’s usable, useful, and beautiful.

Working with your team.

Blend believes that design is at the heart of every project — even if that design isn’t created by us. In these cases, we work together to ensure that the proposed design matches our needs for front-end development and beyond, including:

  • Wireframe and design viability
  • Design and accessibility auditing
  • Technical scoping
  • Smooth handoff for front-end development

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A Fresh Look for a Minnesota Institution

Updating the design for Minnesota State University Mankato in a way that didn’t remake the entire website.

Understanding Every Element and How It Fits Together

A design audit helped us better understand the scope of the existing site, which in turn helped us make better decisions.

Resources on the design process.

We’ve written at length, both here and beyond, on design.

Designing for Dark Mode

Sam Otis

Dark mode is increasingly becoming a part of modern web design. But is it right for your new site? Blend's lead designer Sam Otis talks through the benefits and potential pitfalls.

June 25, 2021

Design Through Discovery: Blend's Strategic Design Philosophy

Corey Vilhauer

Blend’s strategic design philosophy is one of Design Through Discovery: we design in a way that's usable, useful, and collaborative with those who will use and maintain the final product.

August 20, 2020

So ... What Is Discovery?

Corey Vilhauer

Building a website is like building a house — each decision is built upon the decisions that came before. Just as an architect doesn’t just throw a number at you and begin working on blueprints, we don’t begin working on a project until we fully understand the scope. We do that through our discovery process.

March 6, 2020

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