Blend Interactive proud to be included on Inc. Magazine's Best Workplace for 2023 list.


Blend Interactive has over 15 years of experience moving sites from one content management system to another — it's part of our very DNA.

CMS migration: it's in our DNA.

If your Web CMS is not serving your needs, moving your site to a new CMS may be essential. But a CMS migration is often underestimated, under-budgeted, and not well planned. Blend can help by:

  • Creating a plan around choosing what content is to be migrated.
  • Auditing current design and content model to ensure content is migrated correctly and within brand standards.
  • Developing a content model to accept existing content — and identifying where issues may arise.
  • Preparing for and performing automated migrations.
  • Providing governance planning and assistance with manual migration.

Our migration experience.

Blend has experience migrating from and into dozens of different CMSes, including migrating from:

  • Ektron to Optimizely/Episerver
  • Wordpress to Optimizely/Episerver
  • Ektron to Drupal
  • Home-grown CMS to Sitecore
  • Home-grown CMS to Optimizely/Episerver
  • Static HTML to Optimizely/Episerver

Additionally, we've pulled content from various integrations into Optimizely (formerly Episerver), from PHP-based forums to Folio magazine content.

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A migration from on-premise to cloud infrastructure in just a few days helped keep Florida's emergency communication on board.

Moving Hundreds of Articles and Making Them Fit

Migrating from multiple sources to a single repository, Blend developed a consistent and unified content model.

Migration as an Educational Tool

Migration from one site to another is more than just moving a few rocks: it requires teamwork and a little help from some code.

A Visual System for Confirming Migration Completeness

Accentuating manual migration with a tool that measured completeness and provided confidence.

Migration: Managing Spreadsheets and Organizational Needs

Furthering our Google Sheets skills through the organization of thousands of university pages, all with a mind toward the complete site revamp.