Blend Interactive has over 15 years of experience moving sites from one content management system to another — it's part of our very DNA.

CMS migration: it's in our DNA.

If your Web CMS is not serving your needs, moving your site to a new CMS may be essential. But a CMS migration is often underestimated, under-budgeted, and not well planned. Blend can help by:

  • Creating a plan around choosing what content is to be migrated.
  • Auditing current design and content model to ensure content is migrated correctly and within brand standards.
  • Developing a content model to accept existing content — and identifying where issues may arise.
  • Preparing for and performing automated migrations.
  • Providing governance planning and assistance with manual migration.

Our migration experience.

Blend has experience migrating from and into dozens of different CMSes, including migrating from:

  • Ektron to Optimizely/Episerver
  • Wordpress to Optimizely/Episerver
  • Ektron to Drupal
  • Home-grown CMS to Sitecore
  • Home-grown CMS to Optimizely/Episerver
  • Static HTML to Optimizely/Episerver

Additionally, we've pulled content from various integrations into Optimizely (formerly Episerver), from PHP-based forums to Folio magazine content.

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A migration from on-premise to cloud infrastructure in just a few days helped keep Florida's emergency communication on board.

Moving Hundreds of Articles and Making Them Fit

Migrating from multiple sources to a single repository, Blend developed a consistent and unified content model.

Migration as an Educational Tool

Migration from one site to another is more than just moving a few rocks: it requires teamwork and a little help from some code.

A Visual System for Confirming Migration Completeness

Accentuating manual migration with a tool that measured completeness and provided confidence.

Migration: Managing Spreadsheets and Organizational Needs

Furthering our Google Sheets skills through the organization of thousands of university pages, all with a mind toward the complete site revamp.