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Migration: Managing Spreadsheets and Organizational Needs

Furthering our Google Sheets skills through organization of thousands of university pages, all with a mind toward the complete site revamp.


  • University of Sioux Falls

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Many times, content migration can be a totally automated experience, where existing content is pulled in directly from the old site and plopped within a new structure with little manual interpretation.

However, when migration is being used as a catalyst for a complete content overhaul, it requires more spreadsheets and fewer scripts. When we worked with the University of Sioux Falls to upgrade and redesign their site, they definitely fell into the "complete overhaul" category.

Blend was able to help USF meet in the middle with regards to their migration needs. First, we advised and stubbed out the site for maximum efficiency, and then split up migration duties in order to get the site up and ready to launch. Content creation was spread out over several months, saving us both from the panic of launch week and the frustrations of department approval, and it was all managed through the simplicity of a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

All in all, the site went live with a full complement of pages — both new and existing — with redirects and search parameters working as expected.

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