A Visual System for Confirming Migration Completeness

Accentuating manual migration with a tool that measured completeness and provided confidence.


  • Sanford Health


When Sanford Health asked us to perform a forklift from their homegrown CMS to Sitecore, we understood that the biggest lift wasn’t going to be in the CMS itself: it was going to be migrating and replicating tens of thousands of pages of content into Sitecore while still maintaining the structure and layout of the original content.

Blend handled this in two parts. First, heavily structured content was migrated first — news articles, providers, job listings. Once we could confirm that our automated migration was working in a way that gave us confidence, we began migrating over more editorial heavy content.

Then, with that editorial content pulled over, we developed a custom tool that provided a side-by-side look at each page, allowing us to flag pages as complete, giving us a quick look at what content might need to be adjusted, and broadcasting the completion rate to whoever needed to know. This way we were able to confirm each page as complete without laboriously opening dozens of new tabs over and over again.

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