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Building a website shouldn’t be a mystery. We provide transparency and partnership through every phase of your web project, no matter what that project looks like.

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Test Blocks

Here's the cool place you go when you want to see how the blocks look in testing.

Blend Labs

At Blend, we’re not just developers: we’re experimenters, creating custom experiences for your site’s audiences. Sometimes, that means we need to do something unique.

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We don’t just build sites. We solve problems. Here are some of the problems we’ve helped our project partners solve.

Careers at Blend

We’re always looking for great web talent. Join us — and become part of the next generation of Blend.

Chase Burandt

Chase Peta is a developer at Blend Interactive, and serves as senior developer on our Umbraco projects. He is a certified Umbraco developer with a background in both .NET and PHP development.

Ryan Blackwell

Ryan Blackwell is one of Blend's UI Developers, responsible for clean, accessible, and extensible front-end code.