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Marshall Crosby

Marshall Crosby is Blend's user interface developer. He's a front-end ninja and graphic design expert with a history of interactive advertising and marketing projects under his belt.

Chase Burandt

Chase Peta is a lead developer at Blend Interactive, and serves as senior developer on our Umbraco projects. He is a certified Umbraco developer with a background in both .NET and PHP development.

Joe Kepley

Joe Kepley is Chief Technical Officer and a founding partner at Blend Interactive, where he is responsible for streamlining Blend’s processes and directing the production process.

Corey Vilhauer

Corey Vilhauer, Director of Strategy at Blend Interactive, is a content strategist, information architect, and secret professional wrestling historian. He is co-author of The Web Project Guide.

Bob Davidson

Bob is Director of Development, and is responsible for leading front- and back-end development for all Blend projects, as well as developing improvements to better streamline and standardize Blend’s development process.

Jill Whitley

Jill Whitley is Blend Interactive's finance manager.

Chris Wahl

Chris Wahl is one of Blend Interactive's Lead Developers, mentoring and leading .NET projects for our Optimizely projects.

Sam Otis

Sam Otis is Lead UI Developer / Designer at Blend Interactive, where he leads all design efforts for client and internal projects.

John Pavek

John Pavek is a .NET Developer at Blend Interactive, where he provides wonderful code for our Optimizely projects.

Optimizely Coaching and Co-Development

Blend offers clients the opportunity to grow their own development practice through Optimizely coaching and co-development. We're here to help develop, integrate, and accelerate your web team.