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Blend's Umbraco Plans

One size most definitely does not fit all when it comes to businesses, their goals or their needs. So why would a CMS be any different? 

Maybe your current CMS is too big — you’re paying for a license and simply not using it. Or, maybe your current CMS is too small — basic, restricted, and unable to reach the goals you have for your message on the web.

It’s time to land somewhere in the middle: to find a CMS solution that’s just right. Enter Umbraco — “The Friendly CMS” — a flexible tool backed by a flexible team.

An Umbraco site that's "just right."

At Blend, we know that no two businesses are the same. So we adapt Umbraco to meet our clients where they are — backed by a flexible strategy and approach. Our goal is your goal: to drive your initiatives forward and to provide you with a digital solution that will carry on into the future.

Blend offers four plans to help design and implement your Umbraco site. Each plan offers something a little different, so you can find what works for you with no extra bells or whistles. Not too big. Not too small. Just right.

Deliverable Repair & Refresh Ready To Go Tailored Strategy Complete Custom Build
Discovery Discovery Discovery Discovery Discovery
Site audit & optimization roadmap Included. Not included. Not included. Not included.
Discovery session Included. Included. Included. Included.
Goal setting & setup Included. Included. Included. Included.
Technical planning Not included. Included. Included. Included.
Custom tracking dashboard Not included. Not included. Included. Included.
Content strategy & architecture Not included. Not included. Included. Included.
Design Design Design Design Design
Accessibility, performance & user experience enhancements Included. Not included. Not included. Not included.
Brand standards applied to a proven structure Not included. Included. Not included. Not included.
Fully custom design Not included. Not included. Included. Included.
Development Development Development Development Development
Implemented using Version 11 Included. Included. Included. Included.
Built using a new installment of Umbraco Not included. Included. Included. Included.
Implementation by Umbraco-certified developers Included. Included. Included. Included.
Custom integrations, content types & unique functionality Not included. Not included. Not included. Included.
Engagement Engagement Engagement Engagement Engagement
Condensed support Included. Not included. Not included. Not included.
Proven web project approach Not included. Included. Included. Included.

Each plan is a starting point. But each plan can also be further adapted to meet your goals. Not sure which plan is for you? 

Our Umbraco Plan Picker can help. 

Our work with Umbraco.

Here are some of the projects we've built or supported using the Umbraco CMS.

A New and Flexible Umbraco Site to Promote Healthy Living

The South Dakota Department of Health partnered with Blend and Umbraco to create a future-focused, relevant, and flexible website to promote healthy living across the state.

A Progressive Trade Show App that Connected Without Connectivity

Using Umbraco Heartcore, Blend helped Raven Industries create a trade show application that allowed for easy editorial access while being completely internet-free under the trade show tent.

Moving a Bank from Design to Umbraco Implementation

Western State Bank had a design that needed to be implemented within Umbraco. Thankfully, that’s exactly what Blend was able to help them do.

A Partnership Dedicated to Umbraco Best Practices

In partnering with Flint Group, we helped guide a client toward a better Umbraco install, all in time to successfully launch before open enrollment.

Turning Chapters Into Search Results

How Blend prepared the twenty-four chapters of The Web Project Guide for future search.