Blend's Umbraco Plans

One size most definitley does not fit all when it comes to businesses, their goals or their needs. So why would a CMS be any different? 

Umbraco is already a flexible CMS. But, Blend takes it a step further by backing the tool with a flexible strategy and approach. Understanding that no two businesses are the same, we adapt Umbraco to meet our clients where they are - to drive their initiatives forward and to provide them with a digital solution that will carry on into the future. 

With that in mind, we narrowed down our focus to four Umbraco plans. Each plan is offers something a little different so you can find the right fit for you - no extra bells or whistles. 

Plan Comparison Table.png

Each plan is a starting point. But each plan can also be further adapted to meet your goals. Not sure which plan is for you? 

Our Umbraco Plan Picker can help. 

Our work with Umbraco.

Here are some of the projects we've built or supported using the Umbraco CMS.

Moving the State Into the Friendly CMS

Working with an agency partner, Blend moved the South Dakota Department of Revenue into a new site on Umbraco.

A New Source for a City's Live Events

Managing events across three different venues made easy, accessible, and mobile-friendly within this custom Umbraco implementation.

A Telemedicine Solution for a Regional System

Blend helped move a healthcare system from paper binders into the future through a sophisticated content model and map integration in Umbraco.

Bringing efficiency to an energy-efficient initiative

Using Umbraco to create composite content for a region-wide energy rebate system, Blend designed a bright and energetic site.

Turning Chapters Into Search Results

How Blend prepared the twenty-four chapters of The Web Project Guide for future search.