The friendly, open-source CMS that supports your workflows, empowers your editors, and takes your website’s performance to new heights.

Flexible CMS — the freedom is yours

Umbraco — an open-source .NET content management system — is designed to provide an affordable open content management environment with an intuitive editing experience.

And, Umbraco is backed by a strong ecosystem of professional and skilled developers, which means there are very few problems that can't be addressed by someone who's been there before. We have some of those very professionals here — both Joe Kepley and Chase Burandt are Umbraco Certified Developers.

In fact, Blend's got a deep history with Umbraco — Blend founder Deane Barker was a featured speaker at two Codegardens — the unofficial global Umbraco conference — in Copenhagen.

We’re always adding new case studies to the site. Until then, contact us to learn more about our work with Umbraco.

Umbraco is a really good mix of usability and functionality, especially for an enterprise-scale site.

Overall, it's one of the best content management systems that we have utilized for our clients in a long time.

Travis Adney,
Senior Digital Strategist / Marketing Technologist
Lawrence & Schiller

Making Umbraco Work for You

Our specialty is taking the great framework Umbraco has created and meeting you where you need it, through custom content modeling, integrations, and development, so you’re not just getting an Umbraco install -- you’re getting your Umbraco install, regardless of where it's coming from.

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A System that Works for Your Customers ... and Your Editors

Strategic design means more than just graphics — it means understanding how content fits together, and how you’ll maintain it once your site is launched. We design and develop with users in mind, pairing our editor-focused process with Umbraco’s easy to use UI.

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Advocacy and Accessibility

Business goals go beyond profitability, and we advocate for the entire web process -- from making sure your site is inclusive and accessible, to providing custom reporting to track governance and effectiveness.

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Blend's Work with Umbraco

Deane at Codegarden 2019

After a successful talk at 2018’s Codegarden, the unofficial global Umbraco conference, Blend Interactive's founding partner Deane Barker took the main stage at Codegarden 2019 in Copenhagen with his talk “The Future Might Be Distributed.” Learn more about Deane's work in the field of content management, his book about web content management, and his blog, Gadgetopia.

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