Web Migrations

Moving from one content management system to another can be a daunting task. Blend Interactive has over 15 years of experience moving sites from one system to another — it's part of our very DNA.

CMS Migration: It's In Our DNA

If your Web CMS is not serving your needs, moving your site to a new CMS may be essential. But a CMS migration is often underestimated, under-budgeted, and not well planned.

Blend’s Web CMS Migration Handbook

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At Blend, this is our sweet spot. We've helped move dozens of sites from one CMS to another, and have a set process for helping make the process painless.

  • Creating a plan around choosing what content is to be migrated.
  • Auditing current design and content model to ensure content is migrated correctly and within brand standards.
  • Developing a content model to accept existing content — and identifying where issues may arise.
  • Preparing for and performing automated migrations.
  • Providing governance planning and assistance with manual migration.

Our Migration Experience

Blend has experience migrating from and into dozens of different CMSes, including migrating from:

  • Ektron to Episerver
  • Wordpress to Episerver
  • Ektron to Drupal
  • Home-grown CMS to Sitecore
  • Home-grown CMS to Episerver
  • Static HTML to Episerver

Additionally, we've pulled content from various integrations into Episerver, from PHP-based forums to Folio magazine content.

The Full Migration Plan

Site migration takes more than the flip of a switch — it requires the same level of strategic design and technical know-how as creating a site from scratch. You're in luck — Blend does this kind of thing all the time.

Learn more about everything that Blend does, from planning your migration, to performing design audits to ensure your content will fit, to the hard work of actually moving the site.

Then, when you're ready, let us know! We'd love to help.


Blend's Work on Site Migrations