Planning for Blue Sky ... and Grey Sky

When you are responsible for communication during an emergency, you need to plan for optimal ... and less than optimal.


  • Florida Division of Emergency Management


Florida Department of Emergency Management knows a little about being at the forefront of a crisis: it’s literally why they’re around. So they needed a site that could hold up to both the scrutiny of an information-seeking public and the technical weight those people might bring during an emergency.

Blend assisted with full strategic wireframes and design to provide a personalized, user-focused experience based on the department’s current state — emergency (blue-sky) and non-emergency (grey-sky). This meant implementing multiple points of differentiation, as well as integrating with multiple program and partner databases to provide users with real-time updates and alerts from a variety of trusted sources.

Finally, implementation of a hazard learning center provides users with the information they need to prepare and stay safe in less-than-optimal situations. Site-wide search is accentuated with quick links to common site destinations, giving easy access to content when users need it most.