Deep Integration of Fund Data: An Always Moving Target

Displaying fund data requires a heavily regulated system of disclaimers, historic records, and always changing numbers.

As a part of a full CMS forklift for a national fund management client, Blend integrated an always changing and heavily regulated set of investment fund data into the content model, allowing for an editor-friendly way to integrate graphs and data into other content.

Fund data is delivered as a set of files, which is then mapped to unique IDs within the CMS. This then allows editors to choose a specific set of data — be it a graph, a set of numbers, or some other representation of data — for a specific fund to insert into a page as a chunk of content.

What this does is separates the content from the page — fund data updates without the need to edit the page itself.

Additionally, tokens were integrated into the content model, allowing for an editor to drop a bit of text that would then be automatically updated with current fund numbers, assisting in editorial workflow and preventing errors that could lead to major disclosure violations.

Project Results:

  • Consistent data fueled by a common data source for uniform reporting.
  • Ease of editorial process for complex data graphs and other information.
  • Content reuse of common graphs and data, ensuring consistency.

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