Keeping the Identities of Hospital Providers Up to Date

Our integration with existing hospital provider data allows Children’s Hospital Colorado a chance to keep provider info up to date in one simple place.

When one of the largest children’s hospitals in the nation takes on the task of updating its provider directory, there’s a lot more than just a bunch of images. Hundreds of providers with dozens of fields each leads to what might be a massive editorial undertaking.

Thankfully, in this case, information about those providers already live in a database, which means it was up to Blend to work with the hospital and its multidisciplinary team of agencies to deliver the right data in the right way using the right design.

This meant developing a custom integration that both imported data from each provider based on a common ID and provided open areas for editors to add more specialized information. It was a mix of structured data and editorial know-how, and it helped develop a richer and more varied pool of provider content for the directory.

Project Results:

  • Integration and constant update of provider data from an external source for hundreds of providers
  • Custom overrides of key fields to make customer-facing adjustments without compromising data
  • Create once, publish everywhere consistency across all provider data


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