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Optimizely Release Notes — January 2021

The following release notes highlight major or interesting changes in Optimizely's products in January 2021.


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Episerver is officially changing to Optimizely, but for now we’re still working with Episerver Release Notes. Let’s take a look back at what January brought in Episerver updates.

Each month, Blend reviews Episerver’s release notes in order to better understand how changes in Episerver will affect existing and future projects. The following release notes highlight major or interesting changes in Episerver’s products. For the full list of releases, visit Episerver’s Release Notes.

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New UI features for Commerce (and one bug fix)

Several UI updates to Episerver Commerce went through last month, as well as a bug fix.

Create subscription report.

Commerce now allows for exporting of subscription data to create subscription reports. The Process subscription scheduled job is modified to update subscription data, and a new tab has been added under Reports for exporting subscription data in the same format as order data (xlsx, csv).

(COM-12417) — Product: Episerver Commerce v 13.28.0

Adding/updating/deleting an order/cart/subscription note.

This feature allows customer service representatives to add notes when managing orders. A Notes tab has been added to the cart, order, and subscriptions views, where you can manage notes and get an overview of the information history for an order.

(COM-9000) — Product: Episerver Commerce v 13.28.0

Viewing notes for orders, carts, and subscriptions.

With this feature you can get an overview of notes associated with carts, orders, and subscriptions. Notes are listed by creation date under the Notes tab, and you can access notes details like description and creator of the note.

(COM-12632) — Product: Episerver Commerce v 13.28.0

Assets in Commerce Catalog UI do not sort by SortOrder

A bug in which Commerce assets were sorted incorrectly has been fixed.

(COM-12226) — Product: Episerver Commerce v 13.28.0

Episerver API feature updates.

Additionally, Episerver pushed a few new API features, including one for Silverpop.

Support options method for CDA and CMA endpoints.

With this feature, the Options method for CDA (Content Delivery API) and CMA (Content Management API) endpoints is decorated adding full support for CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing). Other sites can send pre-flight request (Options request) to CDA and CMA endpoints. With this, CORS will also have support for the OAuth endpoints in the CD.OAuth package.

(HAPI-1050) — Product: Content Delivery API 2.18.0

Constraint on Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.WebHost bumped to latest version.

Constraint on Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.WebHost has been bumped to the latest stable version (5.2.7).

(HAPI-934) — Product: Content Delivery API 2.18.0

Silverpop: Update API endpoints to match platform changes.

The Silverpop API endpoint URLs have changed. They have been updated in the connector accordingly.

(MAI-1766) — Product: Marketing Automation (Silverpop) v 4.3.0

Episerver CMS UI and labs Updates.

Finally, a few CMS UI and Labs UI updates were pushed.

Move InlineBlockEditing to CMS UI.

Inline block editing features have been moved from the Episerver Block Enhancements Labs add-on to CMS UI. This feature allows editors to edit block content in a "quick edit view" without changing the current content context. A dialog box with an editable form is opened by selecting Quick Edit from the block's content menu.

A more detailed blog post on this enhancement has been added to the Episerver Development Community

(CMS-16631) — Product: Episerver CMS v 11.32.0

Adopt new PN with telemetry - CMS UI.

Add page view tracking to the platform navigation in CMS. This tracking only occurs if tracking is already enabled through another add-on, such as Labs.BlockEnhancements, which includes a new update listed below. 

(CMS-17682) — Product: Episerver CMS v 11.32.0

Create compatible version of Block enhancements Lab.

Create a version of BlockEnhancements Lab that compatible with the CMS UI version 11.32.0 which contains the feature inline-edit moved from BlockEnhancements Lab.

(CMS-16632) — Product: Episerver Labs Block Enhancements v 0.10.0

Episerver Forms feature update — improve Form submit events.

Submitted form events have been updated to support doing asynchronous calls before submitting data.

(AFORM-2749) — Product: Episerver Forms v 4.30.1


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