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As Episerver Changes to Optimizely, Blend Introduces its Optimization Practice

Implementing and adopting a content management system is a practice of constant measurement, experimentation, and improvement. At Blend, we recognize this — and it's why we work with vendors like Episerver, who are themselves experimenting and improving as they move forward as Optimizely.



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Implementing and adopting a content management system isn’t just a set-it-and-forget-it process — it’s a practice of constant measurement, experimentation, and improvement. At Blend, we recognize this — it’s why we’re constantly looking to learn more about new technologies and processes, and why we choose to partner with CMS partners like Episerver.

Episerver also recognizes the need for optimization and experimentation, which was a major factor in their recent acquisition of Optimizely, an experimentation platform specializing in A/B testing. Now, as the next step in the acquisition, Episerver is backing up this drive for constant improvement and optimization by moving forward as Optimizely — combining into one company, with one purpose and one brand.

Blend’s digital optimization practice.

They say timing is everything, and Blend’s excited to further our partnership with Optimizely as we roll out some of our own news: our Digital Optimization Practice.

Blend’s digital optimization practice focuses on developing long-term plans and using client tools. Where digital transformation focuses on modernizing and advancing internal business infrastructure, digital optimization builds upon already implemented tools and techniques to get the most out of our tools, teams, and time.

Through this practice, Blend helps clients plan for the upcoming year and helps budget new projects and support, all with an eye on organizational goals. We cater things for each client, including:

  • Project roadmapping and quarterly check-ins to help plan the upcoming year and measure success
  • Accessibility and performance testing to make sure your site is running smoothly
  • Implementation and guidance on optimization tools within your CMS, including Optimizely’s experimentation and content recommendations
  • Governance guidance and planning, designed to help you build and get your team up to speed

"We've had a front-row seat as Episerver has grown its entire organization and product suite for over a decade," says CEO Karla Santi. "We're excited to further our partnership as we roll out our Digital Optimization Practice utilizing Optimizely."

Blend + Optimizely, into the future

For over 12 years, Blend has been an implementation and solution partner with Episerver, helping their expansion into North America and working alongside the Episerver team to grow into a robust digital experience platform. Blend continues that partnership — this time, as Episerver moves to Optimizely.

Under the hood, it’s all the same, but in spirit — the spirit of experimentation and optimization — we look forward to an exciting time, for Blend, for Optimizely, and for our clients, current and future.

Blend Interactive is a Gold Solution Partner.


Blend Interactive is a Gold Solution Partner with four Optimizely certified developers on staff.


Partners since 2008, Optimizely brings your project a best-in-class digital experience, backed by Blend’s years of experience.

Partners since 2008.

Blend has been working with Optimizely and Episerver since 2008, and was named North American Partner of the Year in 2009.

2023 Gold Solution Partner for Optimizely.

2023 Gold Solution Partner.

Blend is a Gold Solution Partner with four Optimizely certified developers on staff.

Setting you up for success.

Blend's history and experience developing custom Optimizely and Episerver solutions equips us to provide top-shelf co-development with your organization's existing development team.