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Look Again at the Umbraco CMS

Umbraco — the capable, usable, and friendly platform — is ready for you to take another look. As a long-time Umbraco team, we're ready to challenge your assumptions and help you understand the ins and outs of Umbraco.

Umbraco — the Friendly CMS — offers more than meets the eye. With thousands of websites built on Umbraco, it's no surprise it has stood the test of time. Alongside Umbraco's active and dedicated community, the platform focuses on ease of use, growth, and customization, solidifying its position as a system built to show quick ROI and long-term viability. 

We recognize not everyone has been lucky enough to launch a "Friendly" site — so, take a look at what the Umbraco CMS has to offer.

A humble, global success story.

You don't need to be considered "enterprise-level" to be considered great. Case in point: Umbraco, which has earned the title of "World's Leading Open-Source CMS." Umbraco isn't considered an "enterprise-level" sized CMS. However, size doesn't guarantee the title of "World's Leading Open-Source CMS." A title Umbraco has earned.

This robust platform has been adopted by more than 700,000 organizations. Umbraco has helped fuel success with their editor-centric, secure platform and affordable license pricing. And it's equipped with more noteworthy features:

  • Umbraco is built on the latest .NET (ASP.NET Core) technology, harnessing the power of Microsoft's framework.
  • Umbraco CMS focuses on what's key - the editor experience - and doesn't get distracted in supporting extra bells and whistles.
  • Editors are empowered to manage their content in multiple languages, schedule, delete, and unpublish content, customize user access, and create content without a developer.

20 years, a favorite.

Umbraco is new to the CMS scene here in the US, but they are well known and trusted across the world by customers and partners.

For almost two decades, Umbraco has been changing the CMS landscape. With over 200k members in its community, the platform is well-supported and delivers results over and over again. There are many reasons Umbraco has become a favorite, but a few include: 

  • Umbraco is recognized as a top CMS for ROI and go-live time
  • When asked, 89% of users say they would recommend Umbraco
  • Time and time again, Umbraco continues to prove its dedication to the editor experience, creating a better experience for content teams 


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A foundation meant for customization.

Other platforms prioritize offering a full product suite - intending to increase the list of "out-of-the-box" features. Umbraco takes the opposite approach: a blank page ready to be customized with what is needed, avoiding an inflated license cost due to extra bells and whistles.

Umbraco is extendible, flexible, and intuitive. Take control of your web strategy with a system dedicated to customized integrations, all built on the solid content management foundation provided by Umbraco. As your digital requirements evolve and necessitate changes in your instance, Umbraco is there to enable expansion: 

  • Alongside the editor-centric platform, Umbraco offers add-ons to incorporate as needed
  • Umbraco has a community of developers and technical partners who provide an extensive library of packages and tools specifically created to integrate with Umbraco and complement the platform's features
  • Umbraco is intended to be connected and extended, which means, Umbraco is ready to play nice with your existing tools and platforms

The work that proves.

Curious about Umbraco in action? Take a look at what the CMS can do when paired with a team like Blend.

A New and Flexible Umbraco Site to Promote Healthy Living

The South Dakota Department of Health partnered with Blend and Umbraco to create a future-focused, relevant, and flexible website to promote healthy living across the state.

A Progressive Trade Show App that Connected Without Connectivity

Using Umbraco Heartcore, Blend helped Raven Industries create a trade show application that allowed for easy editorial access while being completely internet-free under the trade show tent.

Moving the State Into the Friendly CMS

Working with an agency partner, Blend moved the South Dakota Department of Revenue into a new site on Umbraco.

Turning Chapters Into Search Results

How Blend prepared the twenty-four chapters of The Web Project Guide for future search.

Even More About Umbraco

We've learned the ins and outs of the platform and the community, read on to learn more about the Friendly CMS.

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Looking Back at Codegarden 2023

This year, our team attended Umbraco’s international conference, Codegarden. Karla attended as Host/Emcee, Joe as a session speaker, and Chase as a diversity ticket attendee.

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