Our Process

Blend has perfected its process of strategically designed and implemented websites — both simple and complex — over the past 15 years.

Our mission: being a partner.

We’re more than just a web development shop. We are a partner — a design partner, a strategic partner, and an implementation partner — and with that comes all of the benefits of any business partner: communication, integrity, and buy-in.

We are content-focused.

We believe in developing sites that serve both the needs of our clients and their users through usable, content-first design.

We are future-friendly.

We know that the web changes quickly, so we build sites that respond to those changes, whether by being usable on all mobile devices or by being structured for future technologies.

We are process-driven.

We depend on understanding site visitors, their needs, and their motivations, and we follow a tested and proven process to ensure consistency and accountability.



  • Content Management System Consulting and Selection
  • Discovery and Archetype Development
  • Competitive and Contemporary Analysis
  • Stakeholder and Audience Interviews and Workshops
  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Governance Analysis
  • Content and Accessibility Training
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  • Ideation and Concepting
  • Responsive and Adaptive Design
  • HTML, CSS and Javascript Front-End
  • Design Built for Accessibility
  • Fast and Optimized Mobile Optimization
  • Content and Usability Testing
  • Branding and Identity
  • Content Modeling with SEO and Accessibility in Mind
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  • LAMP and .NET Development Expertise
  • Custom Content Management Integration
  • Headless CMS Integration
  • Complex API and Data Integration
  • Automated and Manual Migration
  • Site Forklifts
  • Security Management
Learn About What We Implement

Strategy is key.

We develop a plan and identity based on your organization’s audiences. Then, we build for their needs (and your goals).


Design for the user.

We design for the future. Responsive, of course. Clear and usable, yes. What’s best for your audiences: always.


Develop with passion.

We specialize in complex content challenges in both LAMP and .NET. We love content management so much, we wrote the book on it.


Manage the infrastructure.

We’ll look after the nuts and bolts of your infrastructure — from hosting to management — and we’ll do it with a combined billions (estimated) of years of experience.


Provide a helping hand.

We help you get your house in order so you’re ready to not just launch a website, but keep it pushing smoothly. We’ll help you answer the question of “Now What?”

“Some firms don’t play well with others, which can cause havoc for their unlucky clients who have to seamlessly mesh a diverse array of platforms, systems and providers. Blend has the ability to come into complex enterprise environments and make a difference without a lot of havoc.”

C. David Gammel,
Author of Online and On Mission
High Context Consulting

But what about ...

Search engine optimization? Marketing? AdWords?

Over the years, we’ve learned that the best way to handle complex content from channel to channel is to find the people who are the best at those channels. Which is why, while we may not sling around analytics reports and hand-craft AdWords campaigns, we’re happy to have you B.Y.O.A. (Bring Your Own Agency) to partner with us on any project.

No matter what, we design and build websites with marketing, optimization, and best practices in mind. We will provide you the right base (and some trusted recommendations) to get you on your way.