“Web 101: Planning a Website” — Falls Foundry

Three Blend representatives discussed what it takes to plan a website from three different angles: content, design, and development.

  • Karla Santi, Corey Vilhauer, and Stephanie Uher
  • Sep. 09 2014

This week three Blend representatives (CEO Karla Santi, user experience strategist Corey Vilhauer, and developer Stephanie Uher)  spoke at Falls Foundry to provide an overview of what the average company may need to know before creating or improving its web presence. The presentation included:

  • The importance of a content- and mobile-first plan
  • How content needs shape the web plan
  • The business value of good design
  • The basics in selecting and maintaining a content management system
  • The things you need to know about the development process

Slides from Karla's portion are below.