Tools, Dependence, and My War with the Road

A crash. A revelation. A few thoughts on what happens when our tools fail us - and how we can start to become better learners.

  • Corey Vilhauer
  • Sep. 04 2015

What happens when our systems fail us? What happens when the tools we rely on become outdated, no longer work, or simply turn into more of a burden than is worth maintaining? User Experience Strategist Corey Vilhauer writes about just this over at The Pastry Box Project this week - our reliance on tools, and the decisions we have to make when those tools fail us.

I do a lot of thinking at my job, but I don’t do anything without consulting with my tools. I have programs that I trust – programs that keep me honest, and programs that help me with the mundane tasks, and programs that lead me toward answers.

My job is based in thought and creativity – free of tangibles, stripped of weight, from project management to front end development to strategy and sales. But that creativity depends on tools. It is freed by those tools. I try to master those tools and I give in to those tools.

But, like, what happens when those tools fail us?

Check it out. And while you're at it, make sure you catch his entire series at The Pastry Box Project this year.