Road Update: August and September 2017

Five weeks can go by pretty quickly, and when most of Blend seems to be making appearances at conferences and events, it’s easy to lose track of where we’ve gone. So, allow us to look back at the past five weeks. 

  • Blend Interactive
  • Sep. 21 2017

Five weeks can go by pretty quickly, and when most of Blend seems to be making appearances at conferences and events — either that or throwing themselves into catching the last glimpses of summer — it’s easy to lose track of where we’ve gone.

So, allow us to look back at the past five weeks. Five weeks of teaching, and five weeks of learning.

To start, CEO Karla Santi spoke at the Sioux Falls Crossroads Summit, put on by Sioux Falls YPN. Her talk, in which she bared her soul and spoke about self-doubt and fear while building a business, focused on the story of how she helped build a three-person shop into a multi-million-dollar business - and how she coped with — and embraced — suddenly being thrust into the role of CEO.

"My biggest fear is not knowing enough." What Is your biggest fear? Big props to our CEO @karlasanti for putting herself out there and speaking on "Dealing with the Self Doubt that Hinders Your Success." cc: @siouxfallsypn #sfcrossroads

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Meanwhile, Deane was dropping knowledge in video form, first in a great interview with Jeff MacIntyre’s Bucket Brigade, and then with a handful of video demonstrations — two about Ellis, Blend’s home-grown migration utility: an introduction of Ellis, and a demo of what it does — and another about Episerver approval sequences.

While not on the active speaker circuit, a team of Blend developers — Josh, Stephanie, and Chad — snuck down to the Omaha area to attend Heartland Developers Conference, a largely .NET-focused collection of presentations and workshops for all levels of experience. Once there, the crew split up - the .NETers went and did their .NET things, while Chad soaked in the glory of JavaScript talks.

Finally, user experience architect Corey Vilhauer spent an afternoon in Denver with Confab Intensive, a workshop-only branch of the Confab Events tree, expanding upon his talk on creating CMS-friendly content models and web strategy. His workshop, “Making things real: Content strategy for realistic content management,” has slides available for download.

Of course, the travel doesn’t stop there. In the foreseeable future, we’ve got even more people heading out to spread the word of content management systems — and learning about how to effectively manage the projects that employ them.

First, Deane is back speaking at CMSWire’s DX Summit 2017, where he’ll be part of a panel discussion called “Debunking the Headless Myth & Embracing the API-Revolution.” (For more on this idea of headless CMS, you can catch a quick interview with Deane by Kentico Cloud.)

After that, project managers Laura and Stephanie are headed out to Las Vegas for Digital PM Summit, a conference dedicated to digital project management, hosted by some of the premier names in the industry. Don't worry — a full report will follow.

It’s all a whirlwind sometimes — just getting everyone together for birthday cake can be a challenge — but it’s part of how we get better at what we do: through evangelizing our craft, through learning new skills, and through getting out in the world and seeing that there’s much more in the web world than what’s within our walls.

We’ll check in more often. Until then, see you on the road!