Now What? 2014 Preview

You have a website, now what?


  • Apr. 22 2014

The Content Management Conference

This week marketers, content creators, creatives, executives and more will descend on downtown Sioux Falls for the Now What Conference.

The conference asks a simple, but troubling question: You have a website, now what?

There are five things we’re most excited about at this year’s conference (and think you will be too):

1. The How-to of Content Management

It’s rare that a conference has such a specific focus as Now What. We love this fact because it enables us to provide tremendous depth on the issue of content management.

As the name of the conference suggests, we believe this is an issue everyone online faces. What to create, when to post, where it should go, how it should look, etc. We call all of these challenges content management.

At Now What 2014, we look forward to an in-depth look at content management both in the speaker sessions, but also in the networking opportunities and workshops. 

2. Action Steps

Since content management is an issue we all face online, we don’t want to talk about it. We want to do something about it.

This year, we’ll be hosting a full-day of workshops before the conference to help attendees take action on their content management strategies. In addition the speakers we have lined up will provide details steps you can take to up your content management game.

3. Mobile

In the United States we now spend more time on mobile apps than surfing the web on a desktop. As content creators, it’s essential that we optimize our content and strategy for mobile devices.

At this year’s conference, Karen McGrane, author of Content Strategy for Mobile and managing partner at Bond Art + Science, will walk through creating content for multiple screens and platforms. She argues that can’t just shovel our content from one output to another.

It’s time to create a mobile strategy and McGrane will help do just that.

4. Multi-discipline Content Strategy

We often describe ourselves as designers, developer, authors, marketers, etc. In today’s web world, we need to wear multiple hats.

Kristina Halvorson, co-author of Content Strategy for the Web and founder of Brain Traffic, will cap-off the conference with a look at content strategy across the web. We may not be experts at every discipline, but we have to understand them and integrate them into our content strategy.

5. Analytical Content

From baseball to politics, data has changed how we view the world. The same is true in the content management world.

Jeff Sauer will walk through how to get actual value from Google Analytics and how that information should change your content strategy. Learn how to set goals, mine insights and actually use data to improve your content management and your creativity.

Jeff will also be leading a workshop on Wednesday all about analytics…so there’s no excuse to not understand analytics after this week!

Now What

A website is only the beginning. We can’t wait to welcome you to Now What to answer the important question of what to do after you site is up.