Now What? Conference is now Now What? Workshops

What started nearly six years ago as a dream to gather some of the web's brightest minds — and to shine a spotlight on the city we love — has moved and shifted and evolved. This is Now What? Workshops.

  • Dec. 08 2017

Now What? Conference is now Now What? Workshops.

Now What Workshops

What started nearly six years ago as a dream to gather some of the web's brightest minds — and to shine a spotlight on the city we love — has moved and shifted and evolved.

We went from one day to two. We introduced workshops. We honed our topic matter, and we've seen attendees from the first Now What become loyal, consistent, multi-timers.

And now, it's evolving again. Welcome to Now What? Workshops.

But ... what does that mean?

The Power of Workshops

Part of what we sought out when we created Now What? was the idea that real people could dig down into the sites that they already have and figure out how they could make things better. So often than not, conference lineups are filled with smart people talking about heady stuff, and we wanted people who could come in and make things point toward the work you're actually doing daily. That balance was hard — heady vs. utilitarian; deep and thought provoking vs. solid, usable, and task-driven.

Those heady talks are still important. They inspire, and they get minds rolling. But it was the workshops that our attendees really went after. The opportunity to spend time not just learning, but working. Rolling up the sleeves. Problem solving. Pushing through issues and constantly finding ways to make their own work fit in.

This is what people wanted more of. And we are happy to oblige. You don't learn to build a house until you've actually picked up a hammer. We're hoping for more workshops — and more hammers — in coming years.

So, Why'd You Do It?

Now What? Conference is a labor of love. We love this community, and we love this conference, and we love sharing information. In fact, without the open exchange of information, there certainly wouldn't be a Blend Interactive, let alone a Now What? Conference.

But there were two simple facts we found facing us with Now What? Conference: we never had enough room for everyone who wanted to attend the workshops, and the cost of putting on a full-day, single-track conference (and by cost, we don't just mean money — we also mean the stress of organizing dozens of speakers, sound checking and managing a show, and more) was getting to be a drag.

It was taking us away from what we originally wanted to do. And so, with that, the decision was made. Now What? Conference would become Now What? Workshops. The only real change is the format, and even then it's only half of a change. We're still promising everything we've done and staying true to our conference goals:

To gather the web's brightest minds.

To shine a spotlight on the city we love.

And to put on a hell of a conference.

Alright. Here's the Pitch

Now What? Workshops' new goal is to not be a stranger.

Instead of a focus on a single yearly super-event, we hope to accentuate the annual celebration with one-off, smaller workshops, tying in with people around the world or tapping into the vast knowledge right here in Sioux Falls. This allows us to continue to cater people from everywhere while providing an extra value to the immense web, marketing, and content community right here in the heart of the midwest.

Enough from us, though. The real news is that tickets are on sale for Now What? Workshops.

Now What? Workshops will be landing in April 2018, and we’d love to have you join us for two days of hands-on workshops about how to maintain and improve your website. From keeping your site accessible for all users to making sure you measure the right metrics for your web content, there's something for everyone.

Last year's workshops sold out well before the event date, which makes early registration a must.

Sign up today! We hope to see you there.

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