Never Fall for a Custom CMS. Ever.

The dangers — and the myth — of the custom, home-grown content management system.

  • Deane Barker
  • May. 20 2014

There’s something we keep seeing over and over again when we begin helping organizations overcome an outdated or outgrown content management system: their reliance on a home-grown, development-shop-exclusive CMS.

Deane Barker, Blend's Director of Business Development, wrote a post about why you should “Never Fall for a Custom CMS. Ever.

From his post:

Think about this: if their CMS was really any good, other people would want to use it. If it was that good, they’d sell it, or productize it, or at least open-source it and make the code available for other people to see and use. If they don’t (and they probably don’t), ask yourself why. If they have managed to re-solve the problems of content management so damn well that you should sign onto their pipe dream, why aren’t other people using the software?

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