Gadgetopia Named One of the Five CMS Blogs You Should be Reading

Complex, yet subtle, topics surrounding content management tackled.

  • Jan. 16 2013

It's one thing to hear good things about your blog — it’s another to be included as one of the top five sources in your field.

Partner Deane Barker’s Gadgetopia has been included as one of the “Five Content Management Blogs You Should be Reading” by Tom Wentworth, Chief Marketing Officer at Acquia, the company behind the popular Drupal CMS. From his post:

This blog run by Deane Barker is one of my favorites. Deane often writes about the more complex and subtle topics surrounding content management, and he does it from the perspective of having implemented hundreds of sites over the years.

The article runs down an impressive list of content management and content-management-related blogs that also includes members of our Now What? Conference 2013 lineup: Seth Gottlieb’s Content Here and Digital Clarity Groups’ Just|Clarity, featuring speaker Cathy McKnight.