Five Practices of the Well-Rounded Content Management Developer

Content management is a practice. And Deane Barker has outlined the five things that can make you a well-rounded content management developer.

  • Deane Barker
  • Jul. 12 2013

At Blend, we believe that content management is not just a development tool — it's an all out practice. Director of Business Development Deane Barker wrote a blog post at Gadgetopia outlining what he believes are the “Five Practices of the Well-Rounded Content Management Developer.”

From that post:

If you’re a content management developer – meaning a dev or architect that implements or specializes in CMS as a practice (as opposed as just doing CMS incidentally like any other project) – then here’s a collection of five things I truly believe you need to be able to count among your skills, experience, and practices.

For more, check out Deane’s blog: Gadgetopia.