“Designing for the Responsive Web” — AIGA Open Mouse Night

At this months AIGA South Dakota’s Open Mouse Night, lead designer Sam Otis presented on Designing for the Responsive Web.

  • Sam Otis
  • Dec. 06 2012

AIGA South Dakota’s Open Mouse Night was a little more responsive than usual, thanks to Sam Otis’ presentation on responsive web design.

The presentation, “Designing for the Responsive Web,” focused on the process of tuning the design process for responsive sites using mobile-first thinking. We have a serious need — especially as the web design industry changes — to be able to communicate with clients the details of a responsive design projects.

Sam structured his talk around four main point, with a focus on going beyond the static mock-up:

  1. Simplify - Trim the content and the layout down to the bare essentials, and progressively build up from there.
  2. Create Live Wireframes - Help the client understand how their site will adapt to different devices with wireframes built on a responsive framework.
  3. Design a Visual Language - Go beyond the static mock up by creating a visual style guide for the entire site.
  4. Sweat the Details - Spend time tuning content-driven break points and testing on a range of devices.