Deane Barker on The Write Now Podcast

Blend Chief Strategy Officer Deane Barker joined Sarah Werner on The Write Now Podcast to discuss finding time to write, dealing with writers’ block, and more.

  • Jan. 29 2016
Deane Barker Write Now

Blend's Deane Barker was a guest on The Write Now Podcast with Sarah Werner this past week, where they discussed all manner of things about the new book, the writing process, and being "friend-zoned" by your dream.

So! Even if you’re not in to nonfiction (or especially if you are), Deane’s insights about finding time to write, getting “friend-zoned” by your dream, dealing with writers’ block, “parking lots” for ideas, imposter syndrome, chronic & acute editing fatigue, and giving yourself permission to fail (AND SO MUCH MORE!) are incredibly insightful and valuable.

Also: cats!

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Coffee Break 008: Deane Barker