Deane and Joe at eZ Publish Partner Conference

Two-thirds of our partners descended upon eZ Publish Partner Conference to drop some knowledge about calendars and content management.

  • Deane Barker
  • Mar. 12 2012

Last month, Blend partners Deane Barker and Joe Kepley landed in Lisbon, Portugal for the eZ Publish Partner Conference. The conference, put on by eZ Publish as a way to collect partners and developers for presentations, recognition and a little sun, included talks by both Deane and Joe.

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The conference put a heavy focus on community, especially in how the CMS can be used to provide better value to businesses looking to foster community, but also provided a certain level of development and technical information. Blend Interactive, an official eZ Publish partner, was represented in two of the conferences presentations.

Joe gave a lightning talk on Advanced Calendar features, while Deane's talk - “The Future is Delivery” - focused on the difference between content management and content delivery, specifically on the methods used in pushing, measuring and adapting content within a content management system: a/b testing, analytics, user-generated content, and tons of other smart things about the stuff you're providing to your users.

To top it all off, Deane was stuck in Paris for a day. Pretty rough way to spend a layover, we'd say.

The slides for both talks are below.