Embe’s ’Camp CEO‘ Visits Blend

Middle school girls get the low-down on what it takes to be a #LADYBOSS.

  • Aug. 08 2016

It’s not every day that middle school girls visit the office of Blend Interactive. But on July 27, fourteen girls walked through our doors, arms full with three-ring-binders.

They visited as a part of Camp CEO, a camp designed by EmBe with a mission to teach leadership skills to young girls, give them the tools to manage their personal finances, and introduce them to women in the community who are leaders in fields ranging from healthcare to technology.

EmBe Camp CEO

Karla Santi speaks to a group of fourteen middle schoolers who are taking in Embe’s Camp CEO.

Enter Blend’s CEO, Karla Santi. Karla spent an hour with the girls, shared Blend’s mission and core beliefs, showed them our video and talked about her own career path and how she ended up doing the work she does.

The girls came armed with questions from what type of programs we use for graphic design to curiosity related to the red squishy ball we throw around during our morning stand-up meeting.

“Programs like Camp CEO are great,” says Karla. “I’m happy to share my experiences and offer support to empower the young women in our community.”