Building a Content Strategy Methodology in Several Thousand Easy Steps

We all want a methodology - a guide to doing what we are going to do. But how do we make one?

  • Corey Vilhauer
  • May. 27 2011

Methodology. It's an ugly word. And Blend's User Experience Strategist Corey Vilhauer is here to talk about why they get so ugly, why people like to skip them, and why it's important to NOT let them slide.

From Corey's blog, Eating Elephant, here's a bit from "Building a Methodology in Several Thousand Easy Steps."

Over the past year, Blend has shaped and chopped apart and rearranged what we call our “Content Strategy Methodology.” We have done this as much for ourselves as for our clients. Our methodology serves as the framework from which we work. It includes everything. Every step. No matter how pedantic.

Why go through the trouble?

Because we are fallible creatures. We are human, after all. We skim. We skip. We adjust on the fly. And we require a codified process to help keep us on track.


To be more specific, we’re cementing credibility in our practice and consistency within our companies and relationships. You could make it even more granular – we’re refining our methodologies across each project.

We’re not building consistency across every content strategy firm in the world. Instead, we’re building consistency between the people in our companies, between the people we subcontract, between our clients, between everyone who comes in contact with a project.