Blend Has Moved!

Stop by and see us. We have beer in the fridge. 

  • Jul. 21 2011

Over a year ago, we hired our 13th employee. And, as we looked around the office, desks nearly stacked on top of each other, we realized something very serious.

We were out of room.

So, after a several months of planning and building and choosing fixtures and all of that, we’ve finally done the right thing: we’ve moved.

Pictures are forthcoming. Until then, stop by – we’re now located right on Phillips Avenue in the heart of downtown Sioux Falls, on the second floor of the Boyce-Greeley Building. Right above Child’s Play Toys, a fact that our children will not let us forget. Ever.

The New Details:

Blend Interactive
231 S. Phillips Ave. – Suite #200
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Stop by and see us. We have beer in the fridge.

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