Blend Expands Leadership

Blend Interactive is expanding its leadership team to include a trio of seasoned Blenders, while Jessica Hutchinson moves up to become Chief Operating Officer.

  • Feb. 12 2019

Blend Interactive is excited to announce an expansion to their leadership team, appointing Bob Davidson, Stephanie Krumvieda, and Corey Vilhauer as directors. In addition, Jessica Hutchinson, formerly Production Director, has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer.

“Our goal is to encourage a sense of shared responsibility for the business,” says Chief Executive Officer Karla Santi. “That begins by elevating these individuals into positions where they can make a larger impact at Blend.”

Jessica Hutchinson, Chief Operating Officer, has been with Blend since 2009 as both a Project Manager and Production Director. She became a partner at Blend in 2017, and is now responsible for day-to-day management of the business.

Corey Vilhauer, Director of Strategy, has been with Blend since 2010, and helped create and build the company’s content strategy practice. A long-time public speaker and writer, he is now responsible for management of client and internal strategy, as well as brand governance.

Bob Davidson, Director of Development, has been with Blend since 2012, He will be responsible for leading front- and back-end development for all Blend projects, as well as developing improvements to better streamline and standardize Blend’s development process.

Stephanie Krumvieda, Director of Project Management, has been with Blend since 2014, and has led some of Blend’s largest client relationships. She is now responsible for overseeing all aspects of project management, from new clients to existing projects, as well as implementing project management process improvements.