Blend Developers Earn Episerver Certification

Josh, Bob, and Stephanie prove their development skills are at top level by passing Episerver certification exam. 

  • May. 18 2017

Three Blend employees, Josh Folkerts, Bob Davidson, and Stephanie Uher, recently passed the Episerver certification exam.

The certification requires a mixture of training and practical CMS development expertise and is no easy feat with the pass rate coming in at 60%.

Josh, Bob, and Stephanie took the exam at Episerver’s Ascend conference where Bob and Josh also presented a LAB, Launch localized sites with multi-site and multi-language capabilities.” In addition, Blend’s Deane Barker, also Episerver certified, presented at Ascend discussing “How Content Projects Fail” and “The Peril and Promise of Editorial Scripting.”

Blend Interactive has been an Episerver partner since 2008 and was named North American Partner of the Year in 2009.