Blend Beta Tests Stanford d-school Design Thinking Workshop

Methodology of discovery and prototyping similar to user experience process. 

  • Dec. 02 2011

Blend — and a handful of friends-of-Blend — became one of the first groups in the nation to test and critique Stanford D-School’s new Design Thinking Crash Course workshop.

The Design Thinking methodology is one of discovery and prototyping, akin to the work that's done in the user experience field. The goal is to push through five stages:

  • Empathize: talk to the customer directly
  • Define: define the problem
  • Ideate: brainstorm solutions for the problem
  • Prototype: build and make things to solve the problem
  • Test: test the prototype and begin the process again

The crash course boils this process down to an hour of video-led activities and reflection. Our project was to pair up with fellow crash coursers and improve on the “gift giving experience” through a process of interviewing, defining a problem statement, sketching and prototyping, and reflecting on the final prototype.

It was fun. And, it was an honor to be selected. It’s still in beta — and when we say “beta,” we mean it (we literally recieved the raw files to both experience and critique) — but if you have a chance to try it, do so. It’s pretty great.

If you’re interested in learning more about Stanford D-School’s Design Thinking Project, check out their website or follow #dgift on Twitter.