Blend Honored With 2016 Workplace Excellence Award

Sioux Empire Society for Human Resource Management recognizes Blend for strong culture of empowerment and growth at South Dakota Safety and Health Conference. 

  • Oct. 06 2016

Blend Interactive was recently recognized with a Workplace Excellence Award by the Sioux Empire Society for Human Resource Management (SESHRM) at the South Dakota Safety and Health Conference.

The award acknowledges companies that have made significant strides in employee practices to establish a highly desirable work environment and to recognize them for their leadership, culture, and best practices. Recipients of the award are also acknowledged for their family-friendly policies and strong culture of empowerment and growth.

At Blend, everything that we do aligns with our core beliefs. Our projects are often complex. They require deep thought, hard work, and undivided time. It’s important that we work hard. It’s important that we are always learning. But it’s also important to take time out of the office to get to know each other beyond our works spaces. (We like to call it “mandatory fun.”)

We admit, it’s a lot of fun to work here. You might hear that from our team or see it on Instagram and Flickr. But we also know that culture cannot be force-fed.

“Hire carefully, treat employees well, compensate fairly, and give them something to do that they’re passionate about,” says Chief Strategy Office Deane Barker. “Culture will grow naturally from that,” he says.

We are honored to have received the 2016 Workplace Excellence Award. Even more than that we are thankful to have built a business where we work with people who are not only our co-workers, but also our family.