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No CMS Is a (SEO) Magic Bullet: A Quick Guide on SEO Within the CMS

  • Corey Vilhauer
  • Oct. 27 2021

When a stakeholder says "Wordpress is better for SEO," how do you convince them it's simply not true? We tackle the CMS-agnostic nature of search engine optimization.

Faster, Lighter, and Mac-Ready: What You Need to Know About Umbraco 9

  • Joe Kepley
  • Oct. 01 2021

Umbraco has just released Umbraco Version 9. While you might not suspect it by looking at the application, this is one of the biggest new releases in a long time: it's faster, lighter, and it's even able to run on a Mac.

Q&A With the Authors of The Web Project Guide

  • Karla Santi
  • Sep. 21 2021

From early logistics conversations about budgeting time and money to the book's publishing, distribution, and marketing, it's been a long road to the finish line for The Web Project Guide. Blend's CEO Karla Santi sits down with authors Deane Barker and Corey Vilhauer to discuss the book and the process.

Optimizely Release Notes — June/July/August 2021

  • Bob Davidson
  • Sep. 08 2021

The following release notes highlight major or interesting changes in Optimizely's products in June, July, and August 2021.

Why Planning Matters

  • Taylor Lopour
  • Aug. 04 2021

Business school teaches future leaders that success rarely comes without a plan — without a wholesale look at business goal, initiatives, and the future of the business. So we know that planning matters. But what about with our websites? But why does web planning matter?


Coding with Bob: Building an Episerver Site from Scratch - Part 1

  • Bob Davidson
  • Jul. 01 2021

While most new Optimizely + Episerver developers tend to learn on the job through maintenance projects, Blend believes that there's a lot of value in learning how to spin a site up from scratch. Blend's Director of Development Bob Davidson provides some guidance on how to do just that in this Coding with Bob video.

Work From Here: Blend's New Hybrid Work Model

  • Karla Santi
  • Jun. 29 2021

We'll never again be the company we were a year ago, especially as we continue to weather a global pandemic and adapt to a new "work anywhere" mindset. Here's how Blend is navigating the new landscape of remote and in-person work.

Accessibility: the Right Thing to Do — Part 1: First Steps

  • Jenna Lange and Joe Kepley
  • Jun. 28 2021

Our world is surrounded by tools designed to promote accessibility. Every time you see a ramp, an automatic door button, a walk-in shower, an elevator, or a sign written in braille, you’re seeing accessibility in action. So why can't your website be made accessible too?

Designing for Dark Mode

  • Sam Otis and Corey Vilhauer
  • Jun. 25 2021

Dark mode is increasingly becoming a part of modern web design. But is it right for your new site? Blend's lead designer Sam Otis talks through the benefits and potential pitfalls.

Blend's Work Hard, Play Hard Challenge

  • Tori Houwman
  • Jun. 24 2021

Summer’s here, and to promote healthy choices within our company this season, we’ve implemented a Work Hard. Play Hard. challenge. And if that wasn’t reason enough, we’re headed to Mexico!

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