Giving Events Center Stage

There are dozens of different areas within the Washington Pavilion, but none was as complex as the organization of events and classes within this Drupal install.


  • Washington Pavilion

The Washington Pavilion wears a lot of hats. It’s a preschool. It’s a children’s science museum. It’s an events hall, and it’s a grand theatre. In other words, it’s a complex mix of events and exhibits that range from days to hours, with sources all around the community — and it’s all promoted through a combination of event calendar, media materials, and ticket sales.

Because the calendar needed to serve multiple audiences with multiple needs, it needed a clever solution. Where some sites can get away with a simple single-day calendar, the Washington Pavilion had to build a calendar that allowed for week-long summer camps, Broadway plays with multiple shows, movies that run up to several times a day, and multi-month art installations.

Using Drupal’s ability to easily manage a pool of similar content, we developed a two-tier system that separated events from their times, allowing for consistent event details across all showings while still adding the convenience of listing dozens of occurrences.

This pairing of events and occurrences helps create a unique — and very flexible — model for the calendar, allowing us to separate out different views for different needs, and ultimately providing a unique solution to a very complicated task.

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