A Diamond of the Community, Redesigned

Redesigning the website of a local legend, our work with the Pavilion was highlighted by clean, accessible, and responsive design.


  • Washington Pavilion

If you live in Sioux Falls, you know the Washington Pavilion. It’s a landmark. It’s synonymous with nationally recognized theatre, art installations, and community events. It’s right in their identity: the mission of the Washington Pavilion is to educate, entertain, inspire, and enrich the community by making arts and science part of our lives.

What this means is that the Washington Pavilion’s site has to cater to not just several audiences, but several completely unique entities within the Pavilion’s umbrella, each unique in their own way. There’s the bold, playful imagery of the Graham Academy Preschool. There’s the expansive space of the Great Hall. There’s the art museum, the meeting spaces, even the Mona Lisas that adorn the dining area at Leonardo’s Cafe.

This meant big bold images, sure. This also meant making things fluid — allowing more than a sturdy structure, pushing bold blocks to the forefront and allowing editors to make things beautiful on the fly through custom components. This also meant making things as clean and clear as possible, so when you ended up on a section of the site, you knew exactly where you were — you knew exactly how this played into the larger scope of the site and the Pavilion as a whole.

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