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Integration of AudienceView for Smooth Transactions

It’s not enough to just look at tickets — they need to be available for purchase as well, which is why our integration with AudienceView took center stage.


  • Washington Pavilion

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Not everything can — or should — live within the confines of a single content management system (CMS), and in the world of event calendars and ticket sales, there is a definite need to forego a custom solution and simply work with the experts to integrate a solid solution. For the Washington Pavilion, this meant integrating with their existing ticketing system, AudienceView.

We did this in two ways. First, we assign codes to any page on the site that allows for the AudienceView listing of tickets to be displayed directly, creating a kind of “portal” to the ticketing side of the site — a unique view of what tickets are available before jumping full bore into the AudienceView install. Then, we pair this with the occurrence model to create a calendar that works to serve the AudienceView data without actually collecting any of that data.

Of course, sometimes we need to actually shift over to that external site in order to complete a transaction or reach ticket support — and our goal in that case is to make that transition as smooth as possible, providing the surround CSS in order to update the application’s look, or trying to pass as much information as possible through in order to make a seamless experience.

Project results.

  • Integration of AudienceView, a service designed to facilitate ticket sales
  • A more friendly user flow from selecting an event and securing a ticket
  • Consistency between AudienceView's user interface and Washington Pavilion's design


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