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A Custom App for Creating Trucks

Giving people what they want: a visual representation of their new rig.


  • Rosenbauer America

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There’s little in the world of community fire emergency services that gets a firefighter more excited than viewing and reviewing a brand new fire truck. Rosenbauer America wanted to provide a bit of this feeling — all while providing a fast way to understand the full slate of features available for custom fire equipment — with their custom fire truck builder.

Blend worked with Rosenbauer America to craft a Flash-based application that allowed fire departments to tinker and build their own fire trucks. Results could be printed, or sent directly to a sales representative at Rosenbauer America to answer more questions or get a full quote. It scratched an itch while also providing a way to connect with their customers.

“Blend Interactive is like Rosenbauer America in many ways, in that we both have international clients requiring mastery of our products on a global scale. They demonstrated a range of capabilities, and they accommodated our change orders professionally and gracefully.”

Neil Chaney,
Marketing - Digital Media
Rosenbauer America

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