A Google Maps Overlay to Help Visualize Territories

Diving deep into the Google Maps API to deliver some county-by-county and ZIP-by-ZIP boundaries for each sales territory.


  • Rosenbauer America


Rosenbauer America’s lifeblood is its dealers, who help sell and deliver fire equipment around the world. For this reason, Rosenbauer America’s site was designed and structured with dealers in mind — and with the understanding that the site serves to support its dealers, not the other way around.

This led to an overhaul of their dealer member section, giving members access to the stock and demo truck list, e-learning, and dealer meeting information — a basic intranet that leverages the design and content model of the public eZ Publish site, all hidden behind a dealer login.

This also led to an overhaul of their dealer map, which highlights each dealer’s coverage down to the county — a mashup that was created through zip code databases, Google Maps, and Rosenbauer America’s own dealer list. USGS data and private databases were used to draw polygons around the counties in the US and Canada, giving a quick visual representation of a dealer’s reach.

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