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Creating a New Product: From User Flows to Prototypes

User flows helped us determine the best way to move users from one point to another, and prototypes helped confirm we were going in the right direction.


  • Obvious Foods

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When Obvious Foods — a startup created in Target's incubator focused on providing fast compartmentalized school lunches to busy parents — came to Blend Interactive to discuss creating a website and commerce app, we began where it made the most sense: by diving deep into the personal experiences of those who would most likely use the service.

Starting from a point of zero recognizability, a new brand can be difficult to prop up; however, when doing research on a new product, this is a perfect place from which to get unbiased and totally honest reviews. Blend performed focus tests with potential users to determine both site usability and product usability — helping make some organizational choices along the way — and developed detailed user flow diagrams to help visualize how a user would work their way through the site as a browser, a consumer, or a seasoned returner.

Finally, we recognized all of this information for what it was: a complex content plan that just so happened to end in a check out. We developed a plan for leading users through the sign-up process, and provided usable content for people to purchase, change, and manage their accounts.

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